Thursday, May 18

The Fire Breather
Yep, it’s here to stay!
We take a grilled chicken breast, top it with homemade sweet chili mayo, pepperoncini, crumbled bacon, and smoked ghost pepper cheese…
stuff it all in one of our amazing pretzel buns,
and melt it all before we serve it up with this disclaimer:
If you don’t like it HOT, keep it moving!
With Chips: 10.25
(or for just 1.20 more you can substitute your favorite specialty side item)

*Grilled Chicken & Grapefruit Salad
A bed of lettuce topped with deliciously seasoned chopped grilled chicken, fresh grapefruit wedges, dried cranberries, Kahlua toasted pecans, & fresh parmesan
Suggested Dressing: Balsamic Vinaigrette

House Potato
Cheesy Chicken Enchilada
8 oz. 4.15 16 oz. 6.25