Let Us Cater For Your Next Event!

Anticipating a monumental occasion like an anniversary? Need a talented caterer who can top your event off with amazing food that will wow your guests? Then Kiss the Cook is here for you! We cater full-course meals beginning with appetizers, breads, soups and salads and entrees that are second to none!

Have certain foods in mind you want served at your next event? Talk with us and we're happily create a tailored menu just for you!

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Custom Event Catering!

No occasion is complete without a savory meal like our delicious pork tenderloin!
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It's Mmmhmmm Good!

From tender chicken breasts to slow-cooked roasts, we have just the thing to hit the spot!
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Loaded With Flavor!

Spice it up with juicy shrimp packed with seasonings topped over rice that is out of this world!

Corporate Catering

If you're planning a corporate function for the coworkers like a holiday party then treat them to a savory meal catered especially by us!

Event Catering

Planning for a special occasion like a big family reunion or anniversary celebration? Then let us cater your favorite dishes for you! Why cook when you can relax and enjoy the meal?

Freshness. Quality. Superior Taste!